Turn your garage into a movie theatre this Valentine's Day

Turn your garage into a movie theatre this Valentine's Day

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Let’s start with the first step

This involves thoroughly cleaning both your door and the interior of your garage so that you have a clean and airy space to work with. Pack all household items away and make sure that you use the correct cleaning products on your door. This may differ depending on the type, and material, of your door. Now is also a good time to see if any part of your door or automatic opener needs to be repaired or replaced. You may be able to do some repairs yourself, but more specialized issues such as the door springs need to be fixed by a professional.Garage door for Valentine's Day

Give your garage door a fresh coat

Painting your door can do wonders for not only the look of it, but also for the look of your entire property. You could start looking at pictures of old Hollywood movie theatres to get some décor inspiration. If you already have your movie selection for the evening, use simple fridge magnets to spell out their titles on your door. This works well on steel garage doors. You could then use heart-shaped LED lights to add some romance.

Now to set up the theatre

This is actually the easy part. All you need is a comfy couch big enough for two, a white sheet and a projector. Simply drape the sheet across the interior of your door and decorate the border of it with some fairy lights. Set up the projector on the opposite wall and you’re good to go. The couch will just need some cushions and perhaps a small side table on either side for food and drinks. Just remember, you can string fairy lights around the whole garage and not just the door. These lights will give off a soft glow and will make your garage seem warm and cozy.

Some tasty treats and delicious drinks

In keeping with the movie theatre thing, get some bite-sized treats and some popcorn obviously! Making home-made crushed-ice slush puppies is also a great way to bring the theatre into your home, or garage in this case. You could either make authentic-looking popcorn boxes, or get them at a party store.

Now for some real food

After watching a classic movie, or a modern one, it’s time for dinner. There’s nothing better than snuggling up on a comfy couch with good pizza and even better wine. Virtually no preparation is needed, unless you count calling the pizza place, which gives you more time to spend with your loved one.

Always be careful

When decorating any part of your door, you need to ensure that the décor does not hinder the full functionality of your door. You wouldn’t want a string of fairy lights to get stuck in your door while it's being rolled up. Always ensure that there won’t be any objects obstructing your door. You wouldn't want to spend Valentine’s Day worrying about your garage door, now would you?

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